Friday, 12 October 2012

So Halloween is coming....

Hey guys...

We are soon entering into autumn and pumpkin season and a few people have asked me for ideas on cakes and bakes for Halloween. I'm going to share and show you a few pics and ideas I think will look and taste great. 

Halloween is the perfect time to get experimental in the kitchen, especially with the kiddies so get stuck in and creative with your cakes and bakes. 

Any feed back you have and comments will be much appreciated, also please do update me with pics if you manage to try any of the recipes out.

Jelly worms...really easy.. put straws in a jar and fill with jelly. this is the result

Vampire Bite cakes

Halloween Cup Cakes!!

Fondant ghoulish cup cakes

Ghost cakes#

Fondant figures on cupcakes

Black Cat Cupcake....<3

delicious cup cakes 19

Simple stencil cake

Spider cake! halloween

Oreo RIP cakes

Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

Simple spider webs

Easy spider web cupcakes. Perfect to send for Macklin's Halloween party!

Chocolate skull cakes 


Frankenstein Cookies 

#Frankenstein #Cookie Looking totally awesome! We love and had to share! Great CakeDecorating! Great #Halloween ideas!



More on the way....

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  1. Hey, all of these are the fun and cracking cakes for a perfect Halloween night. Gratitude for these lovely ideas for the themed food for this night. I am not so creative at all this but my sister is. She threw just a perfect bash this year at one of the historical Los Angeles venues. Had a blasting Halloween eve with the loved ones!