Saturday, 16 February 2013

Purple and Black Baby Shower

So for my friends baby shower we wanted to do something a little different. She was having a girl and we didn't want to stick with the generic pink. To me I find pink plain boring and often tacky. So we opted for a change in colour theme.

Purple, Black and White. So I thought up and designed the perfect theme and layout for such colours.
I decided on a two tier circular cake. the bottom tier white and top tier black in which I used a quilted effect with silver sugar balls. I then incorporated the purple by making a ribbon and bow and decorated this with silver sugar balls and edible purple glitter as seen below.

I then made some purple and black baby converse just to incorporate the baby theme. I made these following a Wilton template

I then used black cherry laces and used black holographic and lavender purple edible glitter  to decorate and placed them on top of the cake wen dry.

And now onto the cupcakes...

I made two types of cupcake. the first was a vanilla sponge with cherry compote and vanilla butter cream. the second was a mild chocolate sponge with white chocolate ganache.

I used black and white large Demask cupcake cases. I smoothed the icing/ganache to create a smooth surface in preparation for my decorations.

I brought some premade royal icing. Teddy bear brown, Chocolate dark brown, Pink and Yellow. I used these to create various skin tones and made a variety of fondant babies

I coloured the hair using black food colouring paste and cinnamon. I also left them to set for a couple of hours as the fondant sweats before it goes.

once I placed them onto the cupcakes I went about creating quilts for the sleeping babies. Following the theme I went with Black and purple.

I then displayed the cupcakes on a Demask themed classy candle stick holder. I think this created a very classy tasteful theme. The babies went down a treat and were a great conversation starter.

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